Lukas Lindner

Swimming coach • Consultant

About me

Swimming coach for adults and kids since 2010. At age five, I started swimming for the first time. I liked the water and was like at home in it. I have had regular training since primary school and I joined a racing club since then in my hometown Klatovy.

I was specialized in short and medium distances with front crawl and butterfly. I was the finalist of the Czech Republic championship. I studied at Charles University in Prague specialised in competitive swimming and started putting together the theoretical information from science and research with the practical experience I had in competitive swimming.

I studied several training methods and techniques of the best athletes. With my clients, I use a simple and straightforward approach and combining it with the effective biomechanics of each and every move. I’m also specialized on people with the big fear of water and some clients attend my lessons as swimming physiotherapy sessions. Besides that, I train several triathletes and kids groups with performance training LTAD.

I can say that the individual approach to people is the best. My principle is teaching only in small groups or completely private. I’ve been doing the coaching for a long time and I still enjoy it. I strive to let clients being satisfied with better crawl and swimming lifestyle.

Coaching skills95%
Adult teaching95%
Kids teaching82%
Swim training95%
Swim biomechanics92%