About us

Our vision

We believe we can teach anyone to swim with the better technique. Our vision is to show people that it is easy to learn to swim correctly and increase the attractiveness of this sport to the public. In today’s sedentary days, swimming is one of the few, if not the only sport that one can start at any time without worrying about health or injuries. We bring swimming as a lifestyle activity on a high-quality level to the largest possible number of active people.

Swimming should be encouraged and shown to people how much this activity is beneficial to the body and the mind. It is necessary to learn how to swim properly, then enjoy the pleasure of movement and satisfaction. Together, we can eliminate the fear and concerns of the water. We will teach you to swim from the ground up step by step. Understand how your body works in water and how to behave and perceive water. We can advise more advanced swimmers with optimization of  Front Crawl and other styles. We will work together on technique and fitness. Read more about our methodics here.

Join Swimtime

Do you love swimming and want to share your knowledge and experience with other people? Do you like working with kids and adults? Write us a message and some information about you and maybe we’ll join you in the team.



Lukas Lindner

Founder of Swimtime and coach since 2010. I was a competitive swimmer for almost 16 years. MČR Finalist. Studied Charles University FTVS. I train adults and children for an active lifestyle and prefer personal relationships with clients to teach them to swim easily and achieve their lifestyle goals.