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Beata Kortus

Lukas is a great teacher with exceptional skills, a genuine passion for swimming, and infinite patience.
Thanks to his guidance not only have I learned how to swim multiple styles, but I’ve also developed a true love for swimming.
Whether you are a beginner like myself or an advanced swimmer who wants to improve your technique, Lukas will find a creative yet effective approach to help you meet your goals and in the process, he will encourage and challenge you with remarkable energy, dedication, and occasionally… dark humor.

Krassimir Atanassov

Lukas is a very competent and patient teacher, who knows the exact steps to take in order to start swimming. He makes sure that people progress at their optimal pace and provides lots of support in the process. Very highly recommended!


Marina Lyubenova

The learning experience was exceptionally good and I am thankful for the excellent advice and professional guidance from Lukas. He managed to help me tremendously through the process. With his patience and skilful coaching, I embarked on a slow but steady and rewarding path to improve my fitness. I am still far from being able to call myself a swimmer but I will get there.

Water can be scary even if you never had a dramatic, near-death experience in it. The lack of control over one’s body is even scarier and, once in the water, you realize that very quickly. This frustrating and overwhelming feeling, together with the more mundane fact that I needed to start exercising finally, is the reason for my desire to learn swimming. The process of learning an activity from the start as a grown-up has its benefits – learning a new skill is more rewarding with a focused training. I am not sure the timid child-me would have managed such a thing; but I knew the adult-me was better so I did it.

Probably the most important takeaway for me from the lessons with Lukas is the can-do-and have-fun attitude. Surprisingly, both can be equally challenging but they are also an inseparable part of any learning process – it only gets better. Sometimes it may feel like a Sisyphean effort but I know it is not because the better me is waiting on the other side of the swimming pool.


Julia Valentine

Before I started my lessons with Lukas, I had developed a fear of swimming which prevented me from doing many fun activities with friends and family. I finally reached a point when I decided to make a change in my life. I was recommended to Lukas by a friend and, after just a few weeks, he has helped me conquer a lifelong fear while also changing my outlook on fitness as a whole. In my first lesson, Lukas was very patient. He helped me become more comfortable by showing me how my body moves and reacts in the water. After just 5 lessons, I was able to swim both the breaststroke and the crawl. Now, after 10 lessons, I am swimming multiple strokes confidently. Lukas is able to demonstrate the proper technique while also working on building my endurance. I highly recommend Lukas as a coach for anyone who is looking to improve their skills in the water.


Yacouba Coulibaly

I wanted to improve what I already learnt and I wanted to learn new technic especially crawl. I started swimming with Lukas, and honestly, my first impression was how cool and relax he was. He is very flexible, very calm when he is explaining lesson and also very patient. Lukas really focuses on all students (some time I was with a colleague) and gives to each of them, the best advice and teaches the good ways how to feel the water and how to properly swim. I really learnt a lot with him: – how to properly swim with breaststroke – crawl from scratch – how to save someone who is drowning – how to jump in water – how to free dive etc… If you are looking for an instructor, he is the man, honestly, you won’t find better.


Gosia Cichy

To be a sailor and cannot properly swim seems to me bad. So I decided I will have a swimming coach…I wanted someone speaking English who is easy going, patient and cheerful and Lukas is all in one:) I overcame some fears and start swimming at least 25 meters without stopping. I improved self-confidence in the water, my technique and I can swim with 3 styles now. I also gained a friend:) I definitely recommending swimming lessons with Lukas!!! They are the best.


Tom Miller

I had always been able to swim breaststroke but I couldn’t complete 25 meters without stopping when doing freestyle. It was a stroke I had never learnt and did not know how to do! I decided to sign up for some lessons with Lukas and also a half ironman would force me to improve my freestyle technique.

Lukas was very patient and encouraging and made the lessons enjoyable. They started out as swimming lessons for the first 10-20 but then moved onto more training but still focusing on improving my technique. Lukas is great for beginners and experienced swimmers.
Even when I was focusing more on drills and training, Lukas still helped to improve my technique further. In my final session, I was able to perform all the main strokes making it clear how far I had come on in such a short time.

I can now swim all four of the main strokes and my stamina has improved considerably. Over a few months, I have gone from struggling to swim 25 m to swimming 2.5km comfortably and I have my first half ironman in a few weeks!

I can definitely recommend swimming lessons with Lukas. They are great fun and I went from dreading swimming to looking forward to swimming on a Wednesday evening. Lessons are flexible and I can’t recommend them enough. Big thanks to Lukas!


Adina Teo

I learned how to swim as an adult but never picked up the proper technique that would allow me to swim a pool length without stopping 3-4 times. In Lukas’ words, I was doing the “zombie swim” and wasting a lot of energy. Lukas’ helped me “unlearn” a lot of the bad behaviours I was employing to survive in the water. One of the most difficult battles he had to overcome with me is exhaling fluidly underwater and getting me to breathe properly to maintain my stamina. His patience and ability to explain all the necessary steps that make up the perfect technique are absolutely tremendous. In a few classes, I started to feel differently in the water – it was no longer a struggle to float, survive and get to the other side. I now consider it an enjoyable sport! Thank you for being a true coach and not just an instructor!


Laura Nae

I always had “water phobia” or fear of swimming so I thought I would never learn how to swim. I was convincing myself that I can live without it without realizing the limitations I was imposing to myself. I was able to regain my trust with water after the second class with Lukas and the feeling was absolutely amazing. Lukas thought me how to swim across the pool in less than ten private lessons. After ten classes, I was able to move freely in the water and do the basic crawl. I believe that Lukas’s teaching skills are amazing because he has the ability to observe the moves in the water and tailor the lessons accordingly. I highly recommend Lukas as a swimming instructor, he has the necessary patience to help anyone learn how to swim or improve their technique.


Nohemi Treviňo

I am over 30 years old and I never learn how to swim. I had a minor accident when I was little so I grew a fear of water. My fear of water convinced me that I could actually live a life without knowing how to swim. I arrange a lesson with Lukas to see how I would feel. I enjoy his class a lot, he introduces me to understand how my body reacts in water at the safety of the edge and his hand, he was extremely patient and understanding my fear so we were taking it easy. The more I tried the more I loved it. I can’t explain the emotions that went through my body when I realised I could actually move confidently in the water! After some lessons, I took a snorkelling trip and my heart was beating faster than ever, couldn’t believe I was able to see those marvelous things! I keep going to the lessons now to improve my technique, I can swim more than 1km and Lukas keep on helping me to get better. He is the best!

Doyun Lee

I was in Prague for just a semester and wanted to relearn what I had learned in my childhood but completely forgotten by now. I could only float and dog-paddle when I started my lessons with Lukas, but after 14 weeks, I feel completely comfortable swimming freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly. Lukas provides specific exercises that help fix minute mistakes in posture and helped me improve my endurance in leaps. He was very observant and honest in telling me what I had to improve and what I was doing well. In just 3 months, I’ve found a great affinity for swimming and will continue to swim for many years to come. I would highly recommend him to the closest of my friends.


Lucy Wells

The decision to have lessons with Lukas was because I want to compete in triathlons without coming last….hopefully. Although I can swim, I wanted to improve my technique. After the first lesson with Lukas, I realised I had a lot to learn! He was patient when I couldn’t figure out how to coordinate myself and was very clear with his explanations. He is very knowledgeable and had me doing some very specific exercise to combat the bad habits I had picked up over the years. I am now faster and this is mainly down to having a good technique, which is completely down to Lukas‘ training of me. He is a great coach and I now feel confident in my swimming thanks to him.


Harm Rijerkerk

I started training with Lukas as part of my preparation for a half ironman. After the first hundred meters, I was already dog tired. After the first classes improvement came! I finally managed 1,9 km below 40 minutes. This would not have been possible without the training of Lukas! Thanks a lot!

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