Rules of thoughtful behavior in the swimming pool

I’m almost daily at the pool, and sometimes with a shaking head, I watch what people are able to drop out from their mouth or a certain behaviour, whether it is hygienic habits or just not being rude. In this article, I would like to devote myself to general education and the situation on the...
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How to choose the right swimming equipment for beginners

Investing in the right equipment at the beginning is useful and can save you a lot of frustration with running glasses, a high resistance of your loose boardshorts or hair in the face. In this article, we’ll go through everything that a beginner swimmer should have. At the end of the article, I also include...
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Brain and water

7 tips to master the beginnings of swimming

When you look at other swimmers who glide smoothly through the water, swimming may seem easy. But it’s harder than it looks. Unfortunately, swimming has a relatively long learning curve. You have to have the right expectations before you learn to swim. Otherwise, you could give up when it becomes difficult, which we do not want....
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Cvičení na výdech do vody

4 rules for exhaling into water & home exercise

One of the basic swimming skill is correct breathing. Learn this art before you actually learn to swim, you can start at home. Many people say they can swim, but the difference is when you swim with your head above water or you exhaling into the water. Let’s take a look at how to exhale into...
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