Individual lessons

Kids swimming lessons

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Suitable for beginners without fear of water and intermediate kids about 9 years and older to learn the basics of swimming with the correct technique. We give the kids their own pace of learning with a patient attitude and the process of a positive relationship to physical activity.

Private swimming lessons

Suitable for adult non-swimmers who are afraid of water and want to learn to swim once and for all, as well for those interested in Physioswim for getting better body posture. One-on-one trainer's approach enables detailed and effective training. If you have your own partner or small group, you can share the price with each […]

Individual swimming courses

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Suitable for beginners without fear of water with at least basic experience of moving in the water and also for intermediate swimmers who need to work on the technique of Breaststroke and want to learn Front Crawl. Courses take place in small groups (max 3 people). The individual approach of the coach allows a detailed […]