Gift voucher for swimming

Hi swimmers,

as you probably know, because of lockdown we can’t train and teach swimming due to closed swimming pools. Because this situation affects me mainly economically, I would like to ask for help. I offer a gift voucher for swimming lessons.

Maybe you would like to start with a new goal for 2021 or you can give a present to someone, who really need a swimming upgrade. As a possible Christmas gift, it can serve as double good. At first, I can teach you or any person you give a voucher to, how to swim and second, it will help me to overcome the economic crisis a bit easier. Voucher can be bought over the online form and in case if you want to have some note on the voucher, just fill the form and I can make changes according to your requests. Please, to make an order, fill the form below. Then I can send payment details and voucher in PDF.

Děkuji moc for your support and cheers to swimming and to better 2021

I’m looking forward to seeing you at the pool