Group swimming courses

Beginners • Intermediates
No fear
I can float
Exhale to the water
I swim few metres
I want to improve Crawl


We swim in the rented lane and the pool entry is included. The number of swimmers is limited due to the capacity of the lane to 6 swimmers. We don’t swim during holidays and after a personal agreement. You are always informed about the changes.



Currently there are no group courses available. Thank you for understanding.

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Group courses are best suited for swimmers who want to improve swim technique and learn new swimming styles. At least, basics of swimming have to be known, exhale in water and float on the surface. During the course, we focus on the technique of all swimming styles, but mostly the front crawl.

If you register for a course during the course, you can buy the remaining training until the end of the current course, and then purchase the new full course as it is listed. You have one free trial training for a group course that you can sign up in the form.

Training schedule

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At the end of the course, you will be able to swim the Crawl and Breaststroke and you will also master the basics of Butterfly and Backstroke. We will devote ourselves to the technique and efficiency of swimming, while working on increasing fitness – endurance, speed and strength.

Developing a feeling for water and better performance is always more time consuming, we recommend attending at least one full course once a week.

Price includes

  • Entry fee to the pool
  • Coaching supervision
  • Rented lane
  • Special equipment

Swim equipment

  • Women one-piece swimsuit
  • Men tight swimsuit
  • Swimming goggles, caps
  • Kickboard, pull buoy, short fins

Training rules

You can cancel training at least 48 hours in advance. Monday training can be cancelled on Friday at 11 o’clock. Replacement of training can be done on another day of the course or individually after an agreement with the coach.

These rules are necessary due to the conditions of the renting a lane. If the rules are not followed, the training is forfeited without compensation.


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