Gift voucher for swimmming Helptime


Price is for 1 lesson. Any number of hours can be purchased. Lesson duration of 60 minutes. The validity of voucher unlimited. Fill in your name and surname in the order. The download link will be sent to you after you made payment for the order (check also the spam folder).

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We got into a crisis, mainly health, but unfortunately also economic at the same time. I am aware of this situation has occurred for the vast majority of companies, entrepreneurs and self-employed. Due to the inability to do coaching – classes and training (pools are closed), I currently have no source of income (teaching beginners in a river or online coaching in a bathtub is not so effective idea to me). Therefore, I would like to ask you for help.

If you like swimming and willing to support my service, so I can continue doing what I am doing after the crisis, I will be grateful for every lesson you purchase from me now as a gift voucher. The number of lessons is entirely up to you. The Helptime voucher is valid indefinitely and can be used by you or given to others. You will not miss the bonus reward from me later on (unlike Coronavirus, we beat that shit down). Lessons are in Prague.

Thank you very much in advance and I wish you good health, good immunity and exemplary behaviour in difficult times. I believe that together we will survive this unpleasant situation and will soon return to the lives we are used to, wiser and stronger.