Kids swimming lessons

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Swimming lessons for kids are suitable for beginners without fear of water and intermediate children about 9-10 years of age to learn the basics of swimming with the correct technique. We give the kids their own pace of learning with a patient attitude and the process of a positive relationship to physical activity. The lessons for kids are 45 to 55 minutes long, depending on performance and skills.

Lessons take place in small groups for up to three children and are fully flexible. You can customize the days and times. The lesson can be cancelled or changed no later than 24 hours in advance, otherwise, the lesson will be counted and passed in favour of Swimtime. Teaching takes place in the public area of the pool.

If you have your own group of children, the price per lesson is divided among the members of the group. The group attends lessons only together at the same time. If you do not have a group, we will assign your child to an existing group by skills. In case of interest, we can also provide private lesson according to the price list.


Single kid
I have group
Single kid Lesson Plans
Individual 800 CZK/h
Small group 5h*550=2 750 CZK
Small group 10h*500=5 000 CZK
Small group 15h*450=6 750 CZK

  Pool entry fee is not included in the price.

Num. of kids Pricing
2 pers/h 1 000 CZK/h
3 pers/h 1 200 CZK/h

  Pool entry fee is not included in the price.


  • Family discount 10 % for siblings in private group.

Application form

You can sign up your kid any time, lessons are flexible, just fill out an interactive form for kids and make an arrangement for the first lesson. The interactive form opens in a separate window. Choose the appropriate answers and fill out the form carefully. The coach will contact you back to clarify the date of the first lesson.


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  Free slots      Only kids      The time slots shown in a calendar are indicative.

Other info

First lesson

Attend the lesson in advance for at least 5 minutes. A meeting takes place directly inside the pool unless otherwise agreed. You are ready in swimsuits and with appropriate equipment (glasses, caps).

Swim Rules !

In the case of late arrival, the lesson is not extended. You can cancel or change lesson 24 hours in advance. If it is not done, the lesson is forfeited without compensation. More than 2 months unused lessons are forfeited automatically after that period.


One-piece swimsuit for girls. Tight (jammers, shorts) swimwear for boys. Good swimming goggles (must hold on eyes without a rubber band) or kids swimming mask or small children’s goggles. Swimming cap. Footwear. If you have your own board and pull buoy, take it. Purchase a small training board. Mesh bag.

Entry fee

Admission to the pool is not included in the price and you have to buy it separately.


All lesson payments are made by bank transfer. Cash payment is not possible.

Starting guide

Swimming pools


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