Karolina Parobkova

Swimming coach

About me

When I was 3 years old, my father took me to my first swimming lesson. I loved it. Until my 12 years I used to be a racing swimmer, then I wanted to try a more collective sport, so I started to play water polo.

Water polo is not just about tactics and strength, but also about how good swimmer you are. Our water polo club has begun to grow, and every willing person to help with the training was needed. So, in 2013, I successfully passed the tests for swimming trainer.

Since then, I am not only an active player of water polo but also a youth trainer aged six to fourteen years old, besides doing private lessons for swimming tutoring for all ages. Water and sports associated with it are really a hearty thing for me.

That is why I am very fond of teaching swimming and working with people who want to improve in this sport. In addition to swimming, I love travelling, surfing, beach volleyball, enjoying work with children and I’m interested in a healthy lifestyle. I teach in English and German language.

Coaching skills85%
Adults coaching90%
Kids coaching95%
Swimming for joy90%